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Your yield is directly affected by how healthy your plants were during their cloning and seedling stage. The healthier they are in this early stage, the better the results. For this purpose, grow lights can be absolutely essential. These lights ensure the plants get ideal lighting. Seasoned growers use different lights for seedling, vegging, and flowering to get the most out of their plants.

Do clones and seedlings need lights to root?

While it is possible to germinate seeds without grow lights, it isn’t really something that we recommend. Young seeds and cutting require a lot of energy; therefore, you need to provide them ample light. The type of light is also an important factor, and that is where seedling grow lights serve their purpose.

Which seedling grow lights are the best?

Fluorescent grow lights happen to be the most popular option among growers for young plants. These lights can be easily mounted to even distribution and are bright and efficient. You can cover a propagation tray with two 2-ft T5 tubes without damaging the plants.

While you can also use LED grow lights, you have to be careful because they can be too intensive if not placed at an adequate distance from the plants. A full-spectrum LED light can save you the effort of changing lights during each stage of the plant’s lifecycle.

What is the ideal photoperiod for clones and seeds?

Once you have made sure that the seeds and clones are receiving quality light, the next step is to ensure a healthy photoperiod. Growers are split between a full 24 hours of light to ensure a constant temperature in the cloning machine and an 18/6 photoperiod. Both have their reasons and are almost equally effective.

How to set up the grow lights for seedlings?

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up your grow lights:

  1. Hang your grow lights. You can check our complete to hanging your grow lights at our learning center.
  2. Place your cloning system under the grow lights at a safe distance. Too close to the lights, your plants will burn and die, too far from the lights, and they will not receive enough light for healthy growth.

Better lighting can help your plants grow faster, reducing the time from seed to harvest and optimizing your yield.


Call our expert growers at 866-GRI-INDR if you have any questions. Also check out our propagation section on our learning center for a host of information on How to Clone Plants

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