CYCO Ryzofuel, 20 Liter

CYCO Ryzofuel, 20 Liter

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CYCO Ryzofuel, 20 Liter

CYCO Ryzofuel, 20 Liter

$930.78 $544.74

CYCO Ryzofuel, 20 Liter

$930.78 $544.74

CYCO Platinum Series Ryzofuel

Ryzofuel is Austrailia's leading brand of root stimulants, designed for indoor & outdoor plants and seedlings. Ryzofuel can also be used on trees and bulbs.

Ryzofuel will rapidly accelerate new root growth.

  • Contains pure kelp, an ingredient for plant stimulation
  • High in natural hormones
  • Enables explosive root growth throughout the cycle
  • Encourages growth and closer internodal spacing
  • Enzymatically processed, and maintain 50+ trace materials

Guaranteed Analysis

Soluble Potash (K2O) - 0.2%
Derived from Kelp

Usage directions

Indoor & Outdoor Plants:
For much greener vigorous plant growth, setting more new flower sites, add to nutrients feed schedule by drenching or irrigating 1:1000 (0.5 ml / 1 liter)

Fruiting & Flowering
To stimulate advanced flower growth, heavier flowering or fruit, for increased new leaves and achieve a greater boimass, add to fertilizer program (0.5 ml / 1 liter)

Bare Root
Soak root stock on trees. Shrubs, flowering plants, and natvies for 15-30 minutes before planting 1:250 (2 ml / 1 liter)

Stress Relief
Revive or help suffering potted plants, transplants, ornamentals, flowers, shrubs, natives, trees, seedlings, and cuttings. Apply by drenching/dipping, irrigating. Continually or foliar spray until health 1:250 (2ml / 1 liter)

Lead Time This product ships in 2-5 Business Days
EACH - Weight(lb) 49.5
EACH - Height(in) 11.8
EACH - Length(in) 9.8
EACH - Width(in) 9.8
Weight (lb) 49.5
Height (in) 11.8
UPC 9356312000407
Width (in) 9.8
Brand CYCO
SKU HGC760734
Shipping Restrictions AK, HI
OMRI Certified No
N-P-K 0 - 0 - 0.2
Nutrient Application Hydroponic and Soil Nutrient
Nutrient Type Synthetic Based
Nutrient Material Type Liquid

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