True Liberty Bags All Purpose Storage Bags,  4 Gallon Bags 18 Inch x 24 Inch

True Liberty Bags All Purpose Storage Bags, 4 Gallon Bags 18 Inch x 24 Inch

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True Liberty Bags All Purpose Storage Bags,  4 Gallon Bags 18 Inch x 24 Inch

True Liberty Bags All Purpose Storage Bags, 4 Gallon Bags 18 Inch x 24 Inch

$12.91 $9.92

True Liberty Bags All Purpose Storage Bags, 4 Gallon Bags 18 Inch x 24 Inch

$12.91 $9.92

True Liberty® Bags

The original all-purpose home and garden bag. These bags are used by commercial organic farmers, food storage experts and hobby growers to keep their foods fresh, healthy and delicious. True Liberty Bags are safe to use in your conventional oven, freezer, rice cooker, slow cooker or stove top, as they are resistant to cold, heat, fat, grease, oil and water. True Liberty Bags have an excellent aroma barrier, which makes for a fantastically versatile, all-around home and garden bag. BPA free material and burst, tear and puncture resistant. Thickest bag of its kind.

Household & Garden Uses

True Liberty®

Food-safe True Liberty® Bags help preserve flavor, moisture, and nutritional value. Meal prep, cook, freeze, brine, marinate, store, and odor-proof. Great for composting, beekeeping, or prolonging the shelf life of your leftovers, baked goods, and bulk foods.

  • Protect herbs & harvested crops
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Germination & pollination
  • Safeguard from freezing & pests
  • Store dry & liquid fertilizers
  • Bake, boil, freeze & refrigerate
  • Line rice cooker & slow cooker
  • Freezer-to-cooking safe
  • Brine or marinate to cooking
  • Preserve flavor, moisture & nutritional value
  • Store baked or bulk foods & grains
  • Minimize cleanup & cooking time
  • Baby products & diaper disposal

Outdoor Recreation Uses

True Liberty®

A perfect accompaniment for camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing, as True Liberty® Bags provide practical travel packaging, securely store food, and help manage food prep, storage, waste and odors. Protection from wildlife and the elements while enjoying the great outdoors.

  • Contain odors from compost
  • Bee keeping
  • Camping, hunting & fishing
  • Travel packaging & water-proofing
  • Contain odors from waste & more

Commercial Uses

True Liberty®

Bags and liners for all jobs big and small. Can be used to get the task done efficiently and effectively. Industrial strength and built to withstand wear and tear. Bulk packaging helps with efficiency of use and reduction of cost based on volume and Loyalty Discounts.

  • 100% food-grade nylon
  • FDA-approved, bpa-free
  • Industrial strength
  • Smell-proof material
  • Tear and puncture resistant
  • Withstands fat, grease, oil & water
  • Repurpose, reuse, recycle
  • Wide temperature range: -100°f to 400°f
  • Withstands sterilization processes up to 360?f:
    steam, dry heat, chemical vapor, gamma irradiation & ethylene oxide

Harvest Uses

True Liberty®

True Liberty® Bags can be used to cure, freeze, decarboxylate, irradiate, store, and transport large harvest quantities; disposal of biomass; or for lining containers to prevent cross-contamination, mineral build up, and saves on turnover time. Perfect for all your harvesting needs.

  • Harvest, cure, preserve
  • Transport, biomass disposal
  • Fresh frozen, decarboxylation
  • Prevent cross-contamination & mineral build up
  • Long-term storage
  • Quick & easy clean-up
  • Line industry standard containers


2 Gallon bag 12" x 20", Bottom Sealed, 8 lbs carrying capacity
3 Gallon bag 18" x 20", Bottom Sealed, 18 lbs carrying capacity
4 Gallon Bag 18" x 24", Bottom Sealed, Lines 5 Gallon Bucket, 24 lbs carrying capacity
8 Gallon Bag 24" x 40", Double Bottom Sealed, Lines 13 Gallon Trash Cans, 45 lbs carrying capacity

Comes in 2, 3, 4,and 8 Gallon Sizes

Comes in packs of 10,25,100, and 1000 (For select products)

UL Listed No
Lead Time This product ships in 5-7 Business Days
Weight (lb) 0.44
Height (in) 4.5
Width (in) 1.5
Brand True Liberty Bags
Storage Product Type Storage Bags

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