Growers Choice Master Pursuit 1000 Watt CMH Grow Light System with Dual 3,000K CMH Bulbs, 277 Volt

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  • Coverage Area
    Veg: 6′ x 6′; Flower: 5′ x 5′
  • Exact Watts
    1000 Watts
  • Voltage
    277 Volts
  • Est. Electricity Cost /mo
  • Warranty
    3 Year

Grower’s Choice Master Pursuit 1000W

Horticultural Lighting Fixture

Cultivators who want the ultimate quality will want to get their hands on the new Master Pursuit 1000w CMH All-In-One fixture.

With even more safety features and performance enhancers compared to the 1000w DE lamps, you won?t be disappointed with the ultimate harvest you can produce!

The other fixtures in the Master Pursuit collection are:

Grower?s Choice 1000W Fixture

Introducing the MASTER PUSUIT series 1000-watt CMH Grow Light System: Industrial-Grade power with dual 500-watt Ceramic Metal Hallide lamps is the most powerful CMH grow system on the market. This fixture delivers DEEP canopy penetration with broad-true full horticultural spectrum from top to the very bottom.

Offering unbeatable yields and unmatched quality potentcy. Focus-designed for specialty flowering plants: Bio-engineered to replicate an ahrness the full brilliance of the sun. Enables growers to mix spectral color levels for optimal full-phase broad spectrums of their choice to provide maximum development for each stage of growth from veg to flower. Adjusting specific spectrum color levels creates unique recipies for maximum cannabidol and terpens quality.

Unparalleled efficiency generates higher quality yields with LESS electrical consumption reducing bottom-line production costs. Our digital ballasts tested 30% more efficient than standard magnetic ballasts producing more lumens of ligh per watt of consumed energy. Our ballast controlled circuit breaking system is nonexistent in competitors ballasts. The most efficient full-dimming ballast offering ultimate control of spectral output

“NO FLICKER” ballasts automatically adjust output frequnecy to maintain constant output. Smart built-in sensors & Network Communication offer full open Circuit Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Under Voltage Protection and Over Temperature Protection.

Cool-Running lights reduce over-heating with open-air reflector digital ballsts in case design utilizing unique passively cooled engineering without the need of internal fans for complete silent operation.

Utilizing twice the amount of photon flux output (2000 umol/s) than the GC-500w CMH lamp, this new innovative technology provides the same intensity but with a full par spectrum that will cater to your plants? specific needs by allowing you to customize your spectrum while using a wide variety of lamps, such as the 3k and 3k-R.

This next generation technology has increased performance and overall reliability for a lighting system you can count on.

Square Wave Technology

Unbeatable Yields & Unmatched Quality

Grower’s Choice Master Pursuit 1000W covers all your lighting needs. These fixtures come shipped with your choice of bulb for the spectrum of light that you require. Available in 4 color temperatures.


Full Phase

3100K Spectrum


Red Enhanced

3100K-R Spectrum


Day Light

4200K Spectrum



10,000K Spectrum

3,100K – Full Phase

Grower?s Choice 3k-CMH lamp utilizes a full phase spectrum that is designed to be used in all stages of growth but optimized for bloom. With a Color Rendering Index of 90 the GC 3k spectrum is very close to natural sunlight but with modest blues, extra red and UV light to serve your plants photosynthetic needs during the flowering phase increasing yields and resin production.

3,100K-R – Red Enhanced

Growers Choice 3kr-CMH lamp is tailored specifically to enhance bloom production through the discharge of intensified red shift photon dispersion, which plants need to promote heavier yields and additional UV light to facilitate terpine and resin production as this is a plant?s natural response to protect itself from UV radiation.

4,200K – Day Light

4K CMH: Grower?s Choice 4k-CMH Daylight lamp is the best option for hearty vegetative growth leading to a healthy bloom phase. With a Color Rendering Index of 98 and intense full spectrum the Grower?s Choice 4k lamp provides near sunlight photon output. This leads to healthier and more robust vegetative growth.

10,000K – Finishing

Grower?s Choice final phase 10k-CMH finishing lamp should be used during the last week to two weeks before harvest and is specifically designed to emit photons mainly in the ultraviolet 350-425 nm wavelength. As high amounts of UV light cause damage to plant cells, plants compensate in order to protect itself and facilitate reproduction by releasing more resinous oils which translates into a higher quality yield

Upgraded Design

The Master Pursuit line utilizes an updated horizontal case to reflector design which accommodates more canopy space.

This new case design is reinforced to protect the fixtures internal components and employs heat sinks with greater surface area, translating to better heat distribution, providing further protection, longer fixture life and better efficiency performance.

  • Clips: Improved ceramic lamp clips keep lamps secure, last longer than plastic clips and redistribute heat better.
  • Lamp Catch: Innovative safety device prevents damage due to dislodged or improperly installed lamps.
  • Level: Integrated bubble level provides a visual reference to verify horizontal mounting consistency.
  • Reflector: Redesigned reflector provides greater heat redistribution, improves cross lighting and PPFD.
  • Cords: Uses quality hard wired power cords with M25 connectors provide IP65 water resistance.
  • Dual Ports: Two receptacles for the master controller eliminate the need for split devices or adapters.
1000W CMH with updates

Features & Benefits

AI Ignition Control

This revolutionary feature, unique to our products, makes GC Series Digital Ballast the safest and most reliable ballast when used in automated multiple lamp applications. When multiple units are connected to the same mains circuit, our integrated Ignition Control software will completely balance the electrical draw by igniting one lamp at a time to prevent electrical surges and spikes that can overload the mains circuit and trip circuit breaking systems. For further efficiency, this feature is activated alongside our ‘Soft Start Technology’.

Soft Start Technology

Soft Start Technology prolongs lamp life by stopping current rush to the lamp and preventing lamp overload. When the ballast is started from cold there will be a 3 second fixed delay before ignition. After ignition there will be a series of random 0-2 second delays before full brightness is reached after approximately 3-5 minutes. SoftStart Technology is also activated when increasing and decreasing power to the lamp using the ‘Smart-Step’ feature.

Re-Strike of Hot Lamp after Mains Failure

The GC Series Digital Ballast uses a timed re-strike system that prevents the ballast from re-striking a hot lamp after a power failure. If a hot lamp is detected, the re-strike will be delayed for 60 second intervals until the lamp has cooled sufficiently to be re-ignited. Re-ignition is then controlled by ‘SmartStart Ignition Control’ and ‘Soft Start Technology’ software.

Lamp Compatibility

The GC Series Digital Ballast is suitable for use with all good quality HPS, Metal Halide and Ceramic Metal Halide lamps. For a guaranteed perfect match and the best results we recommend Grower?s Choice horticultural lamps. Grower?s Choice lamps are optimized for use with high efficiency electronic ballasts with adjustable output.

Full Circuit Protection

The GC Series Digital Ballast uses a sophisticated software controlled circuit breaking system that is not seen in other manufacturer’s ballasts. The system protects against a series of faults including: Open Circuit Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Under Voltage Protection and Over Temperature Protection. On Ignition the ballast performs a 3 second test of the circuit and in the event of a fault the ballast will go into protection mode to avoid damage to the ballast and lamp.

High Energy Efficiency

The GC Series Digital Ballast is up to 30% more efficient than standard magnetic ballast producing more lumens of light per watt of consumed energy. Efficiency does not diminish and is maintained for the entire life of the unit.

Automatic Frequency Adjustment

The GC Series Digital Ballast automatically adjusts its output frequency to maintain a constant output regardless of input power fluctuations and ageing lamps. This also prevents ‘lamp flicker’.

Running Temperature

The GC Series Digital Ballasts’ unique case design acts as a superior heat sink making the ballast extremely cool running without the need for internal fans.

RF Shielding

The GC Series Digital Ballast has superior RF Shielding with Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of less than 10% meaning it will not interfere with television or radio equipment.

Silent Operation

The GC Series Digital Ballast has no noisy internal fans and is completely silent in operation. You’ll be able to hear how happy your plants sounnd with how quiet this fixture is.

Grower’s Choice Master Lighting Controller

Grower?s Choice Master Lighting Controller enables the grower to control up to 200 fixtures.

This dual-channel controller allows daisy chaining up to 100 fixtures per zone. Enabling complete control of your growing environment with timed on/off switching, sunrise/sunset, and precise temperature readings with dual thermal probes and thermal-threshold auto dim-shutdown for additional protection.

Master Controller
Dimming Information


Fixture Grower’s Choice Master Pursuit 1000W CMH
Rated Main Voltage 280V 240V 277V 347V
Input Current 5.1 Amps 4.4 Amps 3.8 Amps 3.1 Amps
Input Wattage +/- 3% 1000 Watts
Power factor > 0.98%
THD < 10%
Required Lamp Voltage 110 Volts – 140 Volts
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Illumination Surface Indoor 4′ X 4′ , Green house 6′ X 6′

0.98% THD < 10% REQUIRED LAMP VOLTAGE 110 Volts – 140 Volts FREQUENCY 50 – 60 Hz ILLUMINATION SURFACE Indoor 4′ X 4′ , Green house 6′ X 6′ “>

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Growers Choice Master Pursuit 1000 Watt CMH Grow Light System with Dual 3,000K CMH Bulbs, 277 Volt