Bubble Magic Terp Tube, 50 Micron, 1″x9″ – Pack of 10

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Extract Top Shelf Rosin With The Bubble Magic Terp TubeThese Bubble Magic Extraction Terpene Tubes, or terp tubes for short, are constructed from the highest quality, food grade stainless steel available. These cylinders are great for extracting rosin from your favorite concentrates.

How to extract rosin with Bubble Magic Terp Tube

You can start by cutting your Bubble Magic Terp Tube to the desired size, and then fill it with your buds or flowers of choice. Then, fold the ends of the tube in to seal the chambers off, and press! These 1″ x 9 ” terp tubes are very flexible, and can be cut to whatever size you want.

Bubble Magic Terp Tube Micron Size

The micron size for you will depend on how fine you want the material to be. For example, a micron size of 25u has tiny holes, giving the cultivator a finer, more filtered and refined final product, whereas the micron size of 150u has much larger holes, allowing more material to pass through into the tube. This results in potentially lower quality and potency, but a higher yield. Experiment with a few different sizes and see which one you like best!

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Bubble Magic Terp Tube, 50 Micron, 1″x9″ – Pack of 10