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Unlike DWC systems, aeroponics is a more advanced type of hydroponics where roots are suspended in the air rather than being submerged in water. They are very similar to hydroponic systems and essentially use the same components such as hydroponic reservoirsand grow trays. The system uses a water pump to send the nutrient solution into water lines that have spray nozzles pointed towards the root zone. The sprayers are designed to achieve precision, i.e., no water gets wasted, and all of the root zone is thoroughly covered.

Aeroponics is ideal for committed growers looking to grow big and healthy plants in a short time frame. While they are a little complicated to learn initially, once you understand the basics of aquaponic growing, you can master growing with them quickly.


This system beats all its alternatives in terms of efficiency. You can save 95% water compared to traditional soil gardening and as much as 20% water compared to other hydroponic systems. The sprayers are so precise and the fine mist ensures that there is no wastage while ensuring the plants get all the nutrients they need.

An aeroponic system’s unique design keeps the roots in the air, allowing them to take in as much oxygen as they might need. Proper oxygenation leads to accelerated plant growth, and with air as the medium, you do not have to invest in hydroponic grow media.

Hydroponic systems are popular because they help cut down the harvest time - aeroponic systems make it even shorter. Not just that, aeroponic plants are highly valued due to their quality. The system creates an ideal environment in the root zone for strong trichome development and, of course, a resinous final product.


If you are asking about harvest times and product quality, aeroponics outperforms hydroponic systems. But that only happens if everything is ideal, which is definitely not the case because there is always room for human error.

With a hydroponic setup, you have room for error given there is a buffer through water or hydroponic grow media. Aeroponic systems tend to be very unforgiving to errors, as the root zone is directly exposed to nutrient application with no cover in between.

If you are new to hydroponic growing, we recommend you try an ebb and flow systemsor DWC systemand learn about hydroponic growing before trying an aeroponic system.


All crops that can be grown in soil or hydroponically can be grown in an aeroponic system. Be it lettuce and tomatoes or basil, oregano, chives, or other vegetables and herbs, you can grow almost everything aeroponically.

You can find aeroponic systems ranging from small(1-10 plants) to large (40 plants) at

Feel free to call us at 866-GRO-INDR if you have any questions or need a quote for a commercial system.

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