Hydro Logic MicRO Reverse Osmosis Filter - 75 GPD

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  • Hydro Logic MicRO Reverse Osmosis Filter - 75 GPD
  • Hydro Logic MicRO Reverse Osmosis Filter - 75 GPD - Hydroponics
  • Hydro Logic MicRO Reverse Osmosis Filter - 75 GPD - HGC741627
  • Hydro Logic MicRO Reverse Osmosis Filter - 75 GPD- | Hydroponics | Indoor Grow Supply Superstore
  • Hydro Logic MicRO Reverse Osmosis Filter - 75 GPD
  • Hydro Logic MicRO Reverse Osmosis Filter - 75 GPD
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  • Water Filter Systems
    Reverse Osmosis Filter
  • Gallons Per Day
  • System Ratio Waste:Clean
  • Recommended Feed Pressure
    60 PSI

micRO-75 from Hydro Logic

The micRO75 is a customized Reverse Osmosis water filter that is capable of removing up to 98%+ of most contaminants. The system is designed for use with hydroponic or horticulture applications, but can also be used effectively in a variety of other setting as well. The filter is built to give the maximum amount of flow from the membrane while sending less waste water to drain, compare to similar RO filters.


An economical, entry level, micro-sized, portable reverse osmosis system, 75 gallons per day solution.

Includes KDF/carbon filter and 75 GPD membrane. Also comes with garden hose connector, ¼" shut off valve, and pressure gauge. Features 2:1 drain to product water ratio for maximum efficiency.

The filter has a rated life of approximately 1,000 gallons of Reverse Osmosis product water. The membrane usually lasts 6-18 months depending on the quality of your tap water and how often you change the carbon/KDF pre-filter. Additional pre-filtration may be necessary depending on the quality of your tap water.

micRO-75 Includes:

  • x1 RO Membrane
  • x1 KDF/Carbon Pre-Filter
  • Wall/Floor Mount Bracket
  • 6 ft 1/4? Feed, Product and Drain tubings
  • Garden Hose Connector for the Supply Line
  • 1/4" Inline Shut-off Valve
  • Auto Shut Off Valve
  • External Flow Restrictor
  • Pressure Gauge with Safe Operating Zones

De-Ionization for micRO 75

This de-ionization filter is designed to serve as a post, polishing stage for any Reverse Osmosis system. After an RO system, the product water may contain trace amounts of nitrates, phosphates, and silicates as well other total dissolved solids (TDS). Certain applications such as aquarium, medical, manufacturing and others require 99.99% ultra pure, 0 PPM water. This DI filter will remove any leftover contaminants giving you the purest H2O available.

View the micRO De-Ionization Kit here

micRO-75 De-Ionization Kit

Additional Accessories

Replacement & Upgraded Filters

micRO-75 KDF/CAT Filter

micRO-75 KDF/CAT Filter

Replace every 1,000 Gallons

micRO-75 Membrane

micRO-75 Membrane

Replace every 6-18 months

DI Replacement post Filter

DI Replacement post Filter

Replace after 1,200 Gallons

micRO-75 Specifcations

  • Product Flow Rate: 75 GPH / 3 GPM
  • Dimensions: 6" x 15" x 5"
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Replace housings every 3 years
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Additional Information

Weight (lb.):
Operating Temperature:
Max 100 °F
Max Hardness:
170 PPM (10 grain)
Waste Tubing Size:
Gallons Per Hour:
Min. Feed Pressure:
40 PSI
Gallons Per Day:
Hydro Logic
Inlet Tubing Size:
System Ratio Waste:Clean:
Recommended Feed Pressure:
60 PSI
Product Tubing Size:
Prop 65:
Max TDS:
1000 ppm
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