Harvest Hand Trimming Kits

Harvest Hand Trimming Kits

Harvest Hand Trimming Kits

Trimming is an integral part of the growing process. It helps enhance the health of the plants and also produces high-quality end-products. When talking about trimming, there is no doubt that hand trimming is a far superior method compared to using a trimming machine. Yes, trimming plants by hand is very tiring, but the result is super satisfying.  

To motivate you to carry out this process manually, we provide you with hand-trimming kits that make this process comparatively simple and convenient.  

What’s in the Harvest Trimming Kit? 

The hand-trimming kits that provides you include scissors, trimming trays, tool cleaners, storage jars, and drying racks. It is a complete package that will aid your hand-trimming process, helping you save time and effort.  

Want to learn more about the trimming process? Head to our Beginner's Guide to Harvest, Drying, and Curing, or call us at 866-GRO-INDR right away!  


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