Harvesting, Drying & Curing Kits

Harvesting, Drying & Curing Kits

Harvesting, Drying & Curing Kits

Your growing area plays a significant role in improving your plant's overall health. At, we have drying kits that feature grow rooms and space to manage your harvesting efficiently. Our option ranges are vast, featuring kits in various sizes. Let's explore why these kits are essential for amplifying your plant's yield.  

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 At, we understand keeping your harvest contaminants-free is highly is significant for your harvest's health. This is why we offer drying and curing kits to keep your plants healthy and free of contaminants.  

If you didn't know already, these kits are a great way to keep your grow room's temperature and humidity levels intact. Let's look at some of the Basic Harvest Drying Packages we feature at 

Grow Tent 

This specifically keeps your grow room's temperature and humidity levels intact and controllable.  

Drying Racks 

You can use these to dry your wet trimmings.   

Ventilation System 

This ventilation system simply removes excess humidity and heat when your plants are in the drying process without any hassle. 

Circulation Fan 

If the name didn't speak for itself, our circulation fan is used to circulate air in the drying space to dry your plants efficiently.  

Trimming Scissors 

Trimming scissors simply give your plants perfect trims manually. Don't forget to check our Deluxe version for a bigger, better, and incredibly controllable system of ventilation. Let's dive in and explore what our Deluxe version offers.  

Trimming Tray 

Trimming trays are specifically used for trimming your plants like an expert. However, these work better when you dry trim your plants.  

Scissor Cleaner 

Your plant's healthy growth depends heavily on the tools you use. This is why you need to keep your equipment and tools clean to retain their efficiency. And this is what our scissor cleaners precisely do.  

Glass Storage Jars 

The glass storage jars store your flowers, preserving them perfectly.    

Bubble Bags 

Bubble bags are used to store the residual trims once you are done with your harvesting. To learn more about what we have in our packages, don't forget to check them out. However, if you are new to curing and drying and don't understand how these work, our learning center article on Beginner's Guide to Harvest, Drying and Curing can help you. Be sure to read them to get better insights into the tricks and tips to improve your curing and drying efficiency.  




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