Freeze Dryers & Curing Machines

Freeze Dryers & Curing Machines

Freeze Dryers & Curing Machines

Improving the quality of harvest is crucial for both hobby and commercial growers. There are several tools that growers can use, and most of them are available at We bring you tools to increase your harvesting potential from the best brands on the market. Let's check out how you can use freeze dryers and curing machines to take your harvesting game a notch-higher. 

Why Should You Use Curing Machines and Harvest Freeze Dryers? 

Curing machines and harvesting tools are critical for increasing harvesting efficiency and harvest quality.  Therefore, it is imperative to use quality harvesting tools  precisely your curing machine and harvest freeze dryer.  

So, what are the benefits of curing machines and harvest freeze dryers? Let's find out!  

Harvesting typically consumes a significant amount of a grower's time. And when you do it manually, you have to work laboriously, which can compromise efficiency. This is where the need for a curing machine and harvest freeze dryer arises. The machines automate the harvesting process, helping you cut down harvest time and save effort. At, we have the perfect harvest freeze dryers that help in preserving your plant's color, potency, and smell during harvesting. We also have guides and blogs that you can read to get further insights into the drying and curing processes. Be sure to check them out!  

Freeze Drying the Harvest 

Freeze drying reduces moisture from your plants by as much as 98-99%. However, the efficiency of the process depends on how you carry it out. Freeze dryers are not the most complex piece of machinery, nor do you need a degree to understand how they work. You simply put in the flowers, buds, and food inside the dryer, with the refrigerator's temperature staying between 30-50oF.  

The effect of this temperature range is that it dries out the contents placed inside the dryer by creating a chamber in the vacuum. However, once the temperature settles down, evaporation starts. Evaporation is when a liquid converts into a gas; in this case, the water turns into water vapors. After evaporation occurs, you will place the plants in airtight harvest storage containers to finish off the curing process.   

The Benefits of Using Harvesting Freeze Dryers and Curing Machines 

Harvest freeze dryers and curing machines have many benefits. From increasing the preserving efficiency to boosting the overall profit margins, these machines can do wonders for both commercial and hobby growers. Other benefits include enhanced preservation and promotion of your products in many new ways.  

Here are a few benefits that'd give you enough reasons as to why you should be using harvesting freeze dryers and curing machines: 

  • Plants stay fresh in the long run 
  • Efficient consistency 
  • A significant reduction in labor time 
  • Magnified aromas and flavors and well-maintained terpene profiles 
  • Reduction in waste 
  • The increased product end value  
  • A significant reduction in processing and dry time 

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The Difference between Freeze Drying and Dehydrating 

Most growers would think that there's no difference between the two. Probably because the two literally achieve the same result. Freeze-drying and dehydrating both simply remove the moisture from within the plants. But what differentiates the two from each other? Let's find out.  

The efficiency in which the moisture is removed from the plants is one thing that primarily differentiates the two. In dehydration, we get to remove only 90-95% of the moisture from the plants. However, in freeze-drying, a slightly better percentage of moisture removal is achieved, making it a lot better than any other moisture removal technique.  

At, we have some of the best Harvest Right Freeze Dryers available that you should consider. Our freeze dryers are affordable and do not strain any grower's budget at all. However, if you're finding it difficult to understand how these can be used, we have a guide that'll give you better insights on Curing Machines and Freeze Dryers 




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