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Looking to get that top-quality terpene profile and high-potency dry sift? Process your trim through a dry sift tumbler to obtain micro-screened and solventless concentrate. The dry sift tumbler sieves out the resin glands and crystals, leaving behind the easily vaporizable trim or concentrate. The sifted out, and collected glands and crystals are known as kief, which is why these machines are also known as kief tumbler. These also goe by other names, including pollen sifter tumbler, pollen tumbler, and dry sift machine.

What to do with your dry sift or kief after extraction?

The kief, collected after thorough sifting, can be processed in various ways. Resin Press and Pollen Press are the most common machines used in kief processing. The Pollen Press turns it into a solid form while the Resin Press converts it into a sap-like oil called Resin. The Pollen Pressed kief benefits with long-term usage, and Resin Pressed kief provides you a clean, flavorful, and potent concentrated oil.

Which Dry Kief Tumbler Is The Best?

Looking for the highest-quality kief tumbler? Here at, we provide you with an extensive and diverse collection of pollen tumblers. Browse through our collection and find an affordable and efficient dry sift machine for optimal processing and profitability. You can even contact our experts to find the right machine for your sifting requirements and process. Our collection includes the highest-grade tumbler from renowned brands, including:

  • Bubble Magic

If you are looking for a pocketbook friendly machine, consider Bubble Magic as it is highly reliable, efficient, and easy to use. It is a comprehensive solution for all your dry sifting needs.

Check out our Learning center for a complete guide on Post Harvest extraction methods or for any other information or commercial pricing, call one of our resident grow experts at 866-GRO-INDR

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