6x9 Grow Tents


6x9 Grow Tents

Is it time to expand your indoor grow space? If yes, it is the perfect opportunity to switch to a 6x9 grow tent.

The benefits of a 6x9 grow tent 

These roomy grow tents allow you to grow fourteen to twenty full-sized plants. You can easily monitor your plants every day without any obstructions, as there is room for you to work on your plants in these grow tents comfortably. These tents are not for growers who wish to create a secluded grow area. To house this tent, you will need a separate indoor space, like a garage.  

To achieve optimal growing conditions in this tent, you will have to fit two 1000-Watt grow lights. These lights will cover the entire area of the tent, providing your plants with the perfect amount of light. If you do not wish to purchase separate equipment, we bring you complete packages. You will find ventilation systems, odor control systems, and grow lights, along with all other essential grow accessories, in the amazing packages offered at 

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  • Hydropolis 6' x 9' + Grow Tent

    Hydropolis 6' x 9' + Grow Tent

    Hydropolis Grow Tents

    MSRP: $626.99
    Set-Up Dimensions 76.77" x 114.17" x 78.74" Suggested Plant Count: 18-24 Suggested Lighting (2) 1000 Watts or Equivalent Recommended Ventilation 500+ CFM Exterior Material 600D Thread Count CanvasHydropolis Grow Tents Product DocumentsHydropolis 6' x 9'...
    MSRP: $626.99
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    MSRP: $626.99
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