3x9 Grow Tents


3x9 Grow Tents

Finding the right size of grow tents is a challenge. Many growers give up on the idea of growing indoors if the area is too small. Well, if you are one of these growers, it is time to rethink! We have the solution you need!  

Growing in a grow tent is very common among the growers today. You can hop onto the bandwagon and enjoy growing indoors. At, we offer 3×9 grow tents to aid your growing efforts, even if the space is too small.

How many plants can I accommodate in this tent?

You can expect to grow between 12 and-16 plants in it. If you wish to increase the number, you will have to switch to smaller-than-standard-sized pots.  

Ensure The Right Setup with 

When growing in this grow tent, you will need to ensure that you have the right equipment, especially the grow lights. For a 3×9 grow tent, it is best to use 600 or 1000-Watt grow lights. If you are using grow lights of this power, make sure you fix two in the setup. Using a grow tent of this size makes your growing efforts manageable. You can enjoy good yield without being too overwhelmed. Looking for some expert advice? Contact us at 866-GRO-INDR right away and get in touch with the best growing experts at today!  



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