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The 3x5 Grow Tent can fit up to 4 large plants and 8 medium-sized plants easily, with room to spare. You can pair this tent with a grow light wattage between 600 to 1000 watts.

Check out our Learning Center for all the information you may need about grow tent growing or other information and recommendations and reviews on odor control, grow lighting and plant nutrients and fertilizers.

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  • Secret Jardin Dark Room V3.0 (5' x 3' x 6 2/3')

    Secret Jardin Dark Room V3.0 (5' x 3' x 6 2/3')

    Exact Dimensions 48" x 48" x 80" Suggested Plant Count: 6-9 Suggested Lighting 1,000 Watts or Equivalent Recommended Ventilation 150+ CFM Exterior Material Black MaterialIntroducing the Secret Jardin Revision 3.0 Wide Dark Room! The same great quality...

    $295.00 $228.87

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