3x4 Grow Tents

3x4 Grow Tents

3x4 Grow Tents

If you’re looking for a grow tent option that suits your indoor growing needs with a perpetual harvest, we highly recommend going for a 3x4 multi-chamber grow tent. Want to know the best part? This 3x4 multi-chamber grow tent is also portable and has three different spaces for seedling or cloning, flowering, and a separate chamber for vegetation. 

You might be wondering what the purpose of having separate chambers for different stages is. Having separate chambers allows you to set different light hours for different stages during the growth, allowing you to change the plant’s environment in the same tent, eventually saving money. Another major benefit of having separate chambers is maximum yields. You can harvest as quickly as every 8-weeks, which is a huge yield compared to traditional means. 

In this tent, you can accommodate 4-6 plants from seed stage to flower. If you only want to use this space for vegetation, you can easily occupy 10 small-sized plants. If you’re interested in this 3x4 to grow tent, our grow tent includes an odor and ventilation control system, a grow tent, light for separate chambers, hydroponic kits or soil medium, and other useful accessories. 

Any questions about Grow tent? Read our guide on Growing in a grow tent, and then we can guarantee you will have successful grow with amazing yield. 



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