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The 10X20 is the largest grow tent currently available in the market. You can house as many as 64 medium-sized and around 50 large-sized plants in this gigantic structure. Remember, you will need a spare garage or warehouse to set this tent up. Its huge size means you can create room for center isles for more effective management of the grow operation, preventing overpackging of the tent.

At, you can also find a complete 10X20 grow tent kit that comes with grow lights to cover the tent’s footprint, a ventilation system, a soil or hydroponic set-up, and all other essential accessories necessary to ensure streamlined operations.

  • The Goliath Grow Tent 10'x20'x6'11"-7'11"

    The Goliath Grow Tent 10'x20'x6'11"-7'11"

    Professionally designed Goliath Grow Tents are ideal for experts and beginners alike. Expert configuration puts ducting ports in their ideal locations. Large Easy-View windows offer progress view access without compromising your growing environment...

    $2,250.00 $1,652.00

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