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The monstrous tents can house as many as 32 medium-sized and 24 large-sized plants. This makes them great for growers opting for large grow operations. All you need is a spare garage or warehouse to set up the tent. You need around four 1000w grow lights to cover the entire footprint of these tents. Their large size ensures that you do not need to build a grow room from scratch bringing forth great cost savings. Moreover, you can easily regulate temperature and the tent’s humidity level ensures you do not have to worry about the cleaning your grow space continually.

You can always opt for our complete 10x10 grow tent kits that come with 4 grow lights, a soil or hydroponic grow set-up, a ventilation system, and other essential accessories for a smooth grow operation.

  • Secret Jardin Dark Room 300 v4.0 (10' x 10' x 7') Secret Jardin Dark Room 300 v4.0 (10' x 10' x 7')

    Secret Jardin Dark Room 300 v4.0 (10' x 10' x 7')

    Set-Up Dimensions 297 x 297 x 217 Centimeters Suggested Plant Count: 36-48 Suggested Lighting (4) 1,000 Watts Lights or Equivalent Recommended Ventilation 750+ CFM Exterior Material Black Material Introducing the Secret Jardin Revision 2.5 Dark Room!...

    $1,350.00 $533.49
  • The Goliath Grow Tent 10'x10'x6'11"-7'11"

    The Goliath Grow Tent 10'x10'x6'11"-7'11"

    Professionally designed Goliath Grow Tents are ideal for experts and beginners alike. Expert configuration puts ducting ports in their ideal locations. Large Easy-View windows offer progress view access without compromising your growing environment...

    $1,115.00 $822.40
  • OneDeal Grow Tent 10'x10'x6.5'

    OneDeal Grow Tent 10'x10'x6.5'

    Everything you ever wanted in a grow tent and more! DL Wholesale is proud to bring to you OneDeal grow tents with all the features you have been looking for, at a price you will love. Design, construction, materials, and value were all at the heart of...

    $648.00 $479.58

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