Plasma Grow Lights

Plasma Grow Lights

Plasma Grow Lights

Despite being a relatively new addition to the indoor gardening industry, these lights have quickly gained popularity in the grower community. The light's design mimics the effect of sunlight, and for that, they use plasma light bulbs to produce light. While they are a little more expensive than other products, they offer great value for money. 

Why use plasma grow lights? 

Efficient – The lights use less than 50% of the energy consumed by traditional MH and HPS grow lights. Couple with the energy-saving is the benefit of emitting the same amount of light as its alternatives.  

Broad light spectrum – Plants need light to grow; the better the quality of light you provide to plants, the better they will grow. With plasma grow lights, you get a broad spectrum that allows for plant growth through vegging and flowering. 

Last longer – The typical lifespan of MH and HPS bulbs happens to be around 10000 hours. Compared to this, plasma grows lights can go up to 4 times more and last for more than 40000 hours of use. 

However, you should have fans & blowers, and/or air conditioners in your grow room if you plan to use plasma grow lights, as they produce a lot of heat. Want to learn more? Give us a call at 866 GRO INDR! 

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