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What is reflective Mylar?

Optimal grow room lighting is essential in producing high-yield plants. A reflective hood is great start, but to truly increase the efficiency of a lighting setup, growers will implement mylar, capturing and directing as much light towards the plant as possible. When growers outfit their grow room with mylar, they can direct 30% more light to their plants!

What is the best reflective material for a grow room?

Mylar is 97% reflective and is easily applied to the walls of your grow room or grow tent. It is extremely flexible, and very effective. Patterned mylar has very low risk of creating hot spots, which are spots where the light is too focused and can burn plants. Some of our mylar products have a black backside, which helps prevent unwanted light from entering the grow room, while maintaining privacy.

It is important to keep the films wrinkle and scratch free when applying, as these can lead to hot spots. Using our film accessories and tape will greatly reduce the hassle of setting up your film.

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