Luxx Lighting Double Ended 1000 Watt HPS Grow Light Fixture, 240 Volt

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  • Luxx Lighting Double Ended 1000 Watt HPS Grow Light Fixture, 240 Volt
  • Luxx Lighting Double Ended 1000 Watt HPS Grow Light Fixture, 240 Volt - Grow Lights
  • Luxx Lighting Double Ended 1000 Watt HPS Grow Light Fixture, 240 Volt - HGC906357
  • Luxx Lighting Double Ended 1000 Watt HPS Grow Light Fixture, 240 Volt- | Hydroponics | Indoor Grow Supply Superstore
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Luxx Was Built By A Team Of Cultivators With Decades Of Experience In Cultivation Facilities & Equipment Supply. We Don’t Settle For Anything But The Best, Nor Should You

The Luxx Lighting 1000w DE HPS fixture is the result of thousands of harvests, decades of cultivation experience, and passion for the garden. Every component of the DE 1000w was purpose-designed and built from the slim-line reflector to the low profile ballast, this fixture was designed with the grower in mind. For the past decade, growers have been utilizing greenhouse fixtures indoors. The DE 1000w is the new standard for indoor cultivation. By growers, for growers.

Luxx DE 1000 Features:

  • The bulb is included (Luxx Lighting 1000w HPS 2000k)
  • Over 98% high reflective aluminum
  • Multiple voltage & plug variants
  • NX-1 Lighting Controller compatible (SOLD SEPARATELY)
  • 3 Year warranty

In The Box:

  • Complete Luxx 1000w DE Fixture
  • Luxx Lighting 1000w HPS Bulb (2000k)
  • 240V Version - 10 ft. 240V NEMA 6-15P power cord 15A
  • 277V Version - 10 ft. 277V NEMA L7-15P 15A or NEMA L7-20P 20A power cord
  • 347V Version - 10 ft. 347V NEMA L24-20P power cord
  • 480V Version - 10 ft. 480V Bare Wire Lead

Includes, But Not Limited Too, A Flexible, Warm 2000K Light That Will Help Your Buds Be The Talk Of The Town!

Luxx Lighting will bring power to your flowers! This fixture comes included with Luxx's legendary 1000W HPS Pro DE bulb, that is great for use from start to finish, and excels in the flowering stages of your crops. This light will provide you with the perfect spectrum for more visually appealing flowers, heavier yields, & higher potency.

The industry-leading Luxx Lighting 1000 DE possesses the power and ability to maximize yields by acting as a high-caliber flowering source and also the flexibility of providing light in a large scale veg production. Trying to satisfy a high-intensity environment? Choosing the right light for your vegetative growth is highly important to obtain the maximum yield. With over 98% high reflective aluminum, you can choose to prioritize power without compromising energy-efficiency.

Luxx 1000W Spectrum

Take Control Of Your Lights, Connect Up To 480 Luxx Fixtures!

The Luxx NX-1 Lighting Controller is a simple and powerful system for controlling your lighting equipment. It is compatible with all Luxx Lighting fixtures. A group of up to 40 Luxx Lighting LED fixtures can be connected to both the main RJ9 port and the auxiliary RJ9 port of the controller.

This mighty controller has many functions and features to ensure lighting is one less thing you need to worry about. Some of the features include; 24 Hour Timer (on/off with inverse function), Auto-dim at Set temp, 2 temp sensors (for two rooms), as well as two outputs to control up to 80 ballasts!

Are you running more than 80 lights? With the Luxx NX-200, used with the NX-100, you can run up to 200 extra lights per channel! This gives you the ability to run 480 lights total (240 per channel.)

Luxx NX-1 Controller

Luxx 1000W DE Performance

240 Volt Performance
Input Voltage240 Volt
Input Current4.42 Amps
Input Power1055 Watts
Min Power Factor>0.99%
THD < 10%
Onboard Dimming600-660-750-825-1000-1050-EXT
Power CordNEMA 6-15P (10ft)
Rated Mains Voltage208-240V
Voltage Range187-305V
Mains Frequency50/60Hz
Operation Frequency100-120kHz
277 Volt Performance
Input Voltage277 Volt
Input Current3.85 Amps
Input Power1045 Watts
Min Power Factor>0.99%
THD < 10%
Onboard Dimming600-660-750-825-1000-1050-EXT
Power Cord
•277 Volt (15A)NEMA L7-15P (10ft)
•277 Volt (20A)NEMA L7-20P (10ft)
Rated Mains Voltage277 Volt
Voltage Range187-305 VoltV
Mains Frequency50/60Hz
Operation Frequency100-120kHz
480 Volt Performance
Input Voltage480 Volt
Input Current2.17 Amps
Input Power1032 Watts
Min Power Factor>0.99%
THD <15%
Onboard Dimming600-660-750-825-1000-1050-EXT
Power Cord480 Volt Bare Wire Lead (10 ft.)
Rated Mains Voltage480 Volt
Voltage Range432-505 Volt
Mains Frequency50/60Hz
Operation Frequency462-505kHz

Luxx 1000W DE Physical Specs

240 Volt Specs277 Volt Specs480 Volt Specs
Ballest Length180mm 7.1”
Ballast Width280mm 11"244mm 9.6"
Ballast Height105mm 4.1”
Hood Length356mm 14”
Hood Width356mm 14”
Total Length685mm 26.9”
Total Weight7.46kg 16.44lbs
Warranty3 Years
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Additional Information

Luxx Lighting
Lighting Type:
HPS/MH - Double Ended
Coverage Area:
Flower: 4' x 4'
Exact Watts:
1000 Watts
Reflector Type:
Glass Included:
Ballast Type:
Digital Ballast
Grow Light Certifications:
ETL Listed, UL Listed
UL Listed:
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