Double Ended Grow Lights

Double Ended Grow Lights

Double Ended Grow Lights

What are double-ended (DE) grow lights? 

DE grow lights are a relatively modern innovation in the MH and HPS lighting industry. HID lights are different in terms of design from their alternatives, i.e., the bulbs attach to the sockets in the reflector with wire sockets on both sides of the bulbs. Single-ended and double-ended bulbs are not compatible with each other primarily because SE bulbs tend to use an Edison type screw. You can find DE grow lights between the 600w to 1000w range, and these generally come with a specific reflector and ballast with the bulb. 

Why should you have DE grow lights? 

Commercial growers more commonly use DE lights due to their ability to emit much more powerful light. SE grow lights, on the other hand, are more widely used by hobby growers. There are a few reasons why DE lights tend to be better than SE lights.

DE grow lights are more powerful 

These lights can provide UV and infrared spectrum while being as much as 30% more intense than their SE counterparts. Using DE lights, you can increase your yield by approximately 20-50%. This is one of the fundamental reasons commercial growers opt for double-ended grow lights. 

DE grow lights offer higher efficiency 

Given DE lights work on a higher frequency, they automatically become more efficient while introducing massive energy cost savings. Comparing two grow lights of the same wattage, one being a DE light and the other being an SE light, the DE light will save cost while providing more usable light. 

How long do DE bulbs last? 

DE grow lights can keep on working at 90% efficiency even after 10,000 hours of usage. If you are confused between buying an SE or a DE, this factor can help you make a better decision. But if your garden or grow room is not very big, you should consider installing SE grow lights as DE bulbs are more intense. In a smaller area, they can end up causing damage to the plants. 

Regardless of the type of HID you end up buying, our review of the best HPS grow lights will help you develop a better understanding as a grower. 

Want to learn more about grow lights? Talk to one of our expert growers at 866-GRO-INDR! 



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