MH & HPS Grow Lights

MH & HPS Grow Lights

MH & HPS Grow Lights

Grow lights have become an integral part of any indoor growing kit. All of them hold significant value for commercial growing, from the energy-efficient, LED grow lights to highly effective gas-charged HPS or MH grow light systems. However, most growers still prefer using MH and HPS grow lights as compared to the LED ones. With benefits like light consistency, broad-spectrum, and intensity, MH and HPS grow lights are ideal for cloning to harvest stages of the grow cycle. Read on to learn more.

The Major Difference Between HPS and MH Grow Lights

The only notable difference between these two grow lights is the spectrum value. MH grow lights produce a blue spectrum, while HPS grow lights have a red spectrum. Experts suggest that MH grow lights are perfect during the vegetative state, while the latter is best during the flowering stage. Ideally, growers must have both kinds of grow lights to grow healthy plants.

Everything You Need to Know About Ballasts

Ballasts are needed for operation by both HPS and MH grow lights. Without a ballast the unregulated current will burn out a HID light virtually immediately. These ballasts provide excellent assistance by regulating the current and ensuring that your grow lights have a long life, with a potential of 10,000 hours of runtime.

SE vs. DE Grow Light System – Which One Should You Choose?

Both double-ended and <">single-ended grow lights have significant benefits, depending on the needs of the grower. However, DE grow lights have wires present on both sides of the bulb, which offers more intense light. On the other hand, SE grow lights are screwed on one end, making it work as a regular bulb. It all depends on your growing operation. If you are a commercial grower with a big grow room / grow tent, DE grow lights give you a brighter efficient light. If you’re a hobby grower or just starting your grow journey, a SE grow light is sufficient.

Benefits of using a reflector with HPS or MH Grow Lights?

Using reflectors for a HPS or MH Grow light system is highly recommended, as a grow light reflector will redirect the light from the top of the grow light tube or grow light bulb, back down onto your plants. this avoids the light being wasted just lighting up your grow tent ceiling therefore increasing the efficiency of your grow light system. At, we provide a wide variety of every kind of reflective hood, including Air-cooledNon-Air CooledDouble EndedWinged, and ParabolicIf you’re still having trouble selecting the correct fixture. Check out or blog on the best HPS grow lights of 2021 in our learning center, if you still have questions or need commercial pricing, please feel to call our experts growers 866-GRO-INDR for advice.


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