Growers Choice ROI-E900 LED Grow Light

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  • Growers Choice ROI-E900 LED Grow Light
  • Growers Choice ROI-E900 LED Grow Light - Grow Lights
  • Growers Choice ROI-E900 LED Grow Light - TSLROIE900W01
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  • Coverage Area
    Veg: 5' x 5'; Flower: 4' x 4'
  • Exact Watts
    1050 Watts
  • LED Light Spectrum
    Full Spectrum
  • Total PPF Output
    2340-2600 umol/s
  • PAR Efficiency
    2.6 μmol/J
  • Dimmable:
    with Manual Dimming Knob, with Optional Controller
  • Voltage
    120-277 Volts
  • Power Cord(s) Included
  • Est. Electricity Cost /mo
  • Warranty
    5 Year

Growers Choice Product Documents

Growers Choice ROI-E900 User Manual

Growers Choice ROI-E900 Flyer

Introducing the Grower’s Choice ROI-E900, the new LED series, Heavyweight.

This XL 8 bar powerhouse commercial fixture boosts up to 1,000 watts of supercharged photon output, earning its nickname “Fat Boy”. Using Growers Choice’s proven PAR formula, the ROI-E900 radiates across 4’x5’ grow spaces utilizing our unique PAR formula and 3k-full phase spectrum producing tremendous light output and canopy coverage.

Designed to accommodate commercial cultivations with wider tables or trays, the ROI-E900 provides the highest potential for extended coverage, penetration, and quality yields. The ROI-E900 will give you MORE POWER & MORE FLOWER, hands down!

What's Included?

  • ROI-E900 LED Fixture
  • Rope Ratchets
  • Metal side hangers
  • Power Cord
  • 240v/120v Adaptor
  • RJ14 Data Cord

Full Phase Spectrum

This fixture delivers the entire spectrum of light to your plants, giving them exactly what they need to grow big and beautiful. Grower's Choice famous GC-3K Full Phase Spectrum for will bring your plants to new heights with the best possible LED diodes available.

Energy Output

The Growers Choice ROI-E900 provides its users with an average 40% less HVAC costs and up to 40% energy savings! The ROI-E900 not only maximizes light output to help penetrate the canopy and reach those hard to see leaves, but saves you money using less energy in the long run. The Growers Choice ROI-E900 LED grow light allows for even light distribution, and is precisely designed to deliver uniform levels of photosynthesis flux density, or PPFD.


External Control with the Grower's Choice Master Lighting Controller

The ROI-E900 is controllable with the Grower's Choice Master Controller and is compatible with all quality master controllers. Cultivators can set the fixture to turn off and on at desired times, program sunrise/sunset settings, program dimming option and set protective fail safes to dim or tun off fixtures in the event of excessive room temperatures, such as in the event of HVAC failure, potential saving gardens from heat damage.

This dual-channel controller allows daisy chaining up to 100 fixtures per zone. Enabling complete control of your growing environment with timed on/off switching, sunrise/sunset, and precise temperature readings with dual thermal probes and thermal-threshold auto dim-shutdown for additional protection.


Specifications for the ROI-E900

PPF 2340 µmol/s
Max Input Power 1050W + Ext Control Boost
PAR 2.6 µmol/J
Dimensions | Weight 46.9" x 59.5" x 3.2" | 55 lbs.
Mounting Height ≥6" Above Canopy
Thermal Management Passive
Dimming 0-10 Volt
Light Distribution 120°
Lifetime L90: > 54,000 Hours
Power Factor >90%
Certifications UL 8800, UL 1598, IP65, DLC
Warranty 5 Year

Voltage & Amperage

Voltage 120 Volt 208 Volt 240 Volt 277 Volt
Amperage 8.9 Amps 5 Amps 4.5 Amps 3.8Amps
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Additional Information

Growers Choice
Weight (lb.):
Prop 65:
Length (in.):
Width (in.):
Height (in.):
5 Year
Lighting Type:
LED Light Spectrum:
Full Spectrum
LED Fixture Type:
LED Features:
Manual Dimming Knob, Dimmable *with Controller
Est. Electricity Cost /mo:
Exact Watts:
1050 Watts
Suggested Hanging Height:
> 6 Above Canopy"
LED Diode Type:
Osram Top Bin Diodes
PAR Efficiency:
2.6 umol/J
Total PPF Output:
2340-2600 umol/s
Power Factor:
> 90%
120/277 Volts
8.9 Amps @ 120 Volts, 5 Amps @ 208 Volts, 4.5 Amps @ 240 Volts, 3.8 Amps @ 277 Volts
50/60 Hz
Power Cord(s) Included:
Coverage Area:
Veg: 5' x 4'; Flower: 5' x 4'
Grow Light Certifications:
IP65 Rated, DLC Listed, UL Listed"
UL Listed:
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