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At, we sell the relatively uncommon 900-watt full spectrum LED grow lights. Depending on the size of your grow room, a 900-watt LED grow light might just be what you need. So, if you are looking for a bigger size than 900 watts, we also have 1000-watt LED grow lights from the hugely popular Black Dog PhytoMAX-2 1000-Watt LED Grow Light

What is a 900-watt full spectrum LED grow light’s footprint?

900-watt LED grow lights should only be installed in large grow rooms. They typically cover a 5’X5’ flower area and a 6’X6’ veg area. It is a rough approximate because the exact footprint is dependent on the height at which you will hang the light. The footprint will automatically decrease if you focus the light over a smaller area to increase intensity.

How much electricity do you need for a 900-watt LED?

900-watt full spectrum LED grow lights require a lot of electricity to run. These lights are used for large-scale commercial growing. You can quickly recover the energy costs with the flower that you’ll grow. On average, you will have to spend around $48 per month in electricity costs if you use 900 watts LED grow lights. Can’t find the LED you need? Browse our entire LED grow light collection


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