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If you have a large-scale growing setup and require a high amount and intensity of light, a 600 watt grow light LED is just what you need. We have an extensive collection of these lights, which complements our competitive prices and premium service, making us one of the most trusted sellers around. The most impressive 600 watts LED grow light option on the market is the Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 600 LED Grow Light. It is the perfect choice for commercial growers, given its high light intensity. You can also find many other options at, including the PHOTOBIO T Duo LED.

What is the footprint of a 600w LED grow light?

Given all lights are manufactured differently, their footprints also vary. However, an average of 600 watts LED grow light can cover a flower footprint of 5'X5' and a 7'X7' veg footprint. If you want to increase the intensity and focus the light over a relatively small area, the footprint will automatically be less.

How many plants can you grow under a 600w LED grow light?

This number will vary depending on the plant size, your goals with the plants, and your LED's specs. On average, though, you can fit anywhere between 4 to 8 plants under a 600w LED grow light.

How much electricity does a 600w LED grow light consume?

For plants in the veg stage, an 18/6 photoperiod is ideal. If your lights are powered on for 18 hours a day, your energy costs are bound to increase. As LED’s in general are extremely efficient, you won't have to pay more than $32 a month for them. This cost will decrease once your plants are in flower stage, given they will need to be lit for only 12 hours.


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