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500-watt LED grow lights work perfectly for both small and large scale growing. The finest 500 watts LED grow lights we recommend to all our customers are the California Lightworks Solar System Full Spectrum LEDs. On the other hand, if you are on a budget and looking to get the best value, the Viparspectra 520W V1200 LED Grow Light is what you should get. Apart from these, we have a wide range of 500w LED lights that you can select from according to your needs.

What is the footprint of a 500w LED grow light?

On average, the veg footprint of a 500w LED grow light is 6’X6’ while their flower footprint is approximately 5’X5’. This does vary from type to type, but the aforementioned is a close estimate.

How much electricity does a 500-watt LED grow light use?

They are relatively very cost-effective, especially considering you can grow a large number of plants using them. You can estimate an energy cost of $27 during the veg stage, and it lowers during the flowering stage, given you will only need the light for 12 hours a day. You can check out our range of LED grow lights and find products ranging from 100-1000 watts.


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