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100-watt LED lights are excellent for providing a full spectrum to your indoor plants to grow them from seed to harvest. These lights are a fantastic way to provide supplemental lighting to your grow tent or grow room.

How much energy does a 100-watt LED grow light use?

The great thing about the 100-watt LED grow light is that it is so efficient that it will barely register as a blip on your electric bill. If youre running the light 18/6 during veg, it will cost you between $5-$7 / month. Meaning that it could be under $3 a month during flower.  Of course, the exact cost depends on the rate-per-unit of electricity in your specific area as costs may vary between different states.

What is the coverage area of a 100-watt LED grow light?

As expected, these lights will not have a very large footprint. Nevertheless, you will be pleasantly surprised with their coverage area. Take, for instance, the California Lightworks SolarSystem 100 Watt LED. This little hero can give you a 5X5 footprint, which is impressive! The exact footprint of every light will depend on its size, output, and uniformity, among other factors. Therefore, it is best to look at the tech specs on our product page to figure out the right information.

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