Induction Grow Lights

Induction Grow Lights

Induction Grow Lights

If you are looking for high yield and low energy usage, the answer is induction grow lights. The lights are an ideal match for greenhouses and grow rooms due to their design and style. Their shape allows them to penetrate canopies more effectively than other alternatives.  

Here are a few reasons why you should opt for induction grow lights for your horticulture endeavors: 

  • Last longer: They have a longer lifespan and do not have a filament or electrodes, which are usually the first parts to break. 
  • Efficient: While they are less efficient than plasma and LED lights, they can still end up being 65% more efficient than standard glow lights. 
  • Less heat production: You do not have to worry about having a fan or blower as these lights do not produce heat at all. 
  • Full-spectrum, including infrared and UV lights. 

You can reach out to at 866-GRO-INDR and connect with one of our growing staff to help you learn more about induction grow lights and if you should switch to them! 



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