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What is an HID grow light controller?

Grow light controllers automate large indoor gardens and commercial greenhouses, by setting the grow lights on specific time intervals. A common complaint of growers is spending too much time in the garden, and grow room light controllers and timers alleviate this issue.

If you are operating four or more grow lights, these controllers will be perfect for you. They are built to withstand high power demands associated with larger grow rooms, whereas standard light timers are geared more towards hobby growers with 1-2 lights.

Choosing the best HID grow light controller

Some of the controllers we carry go above and beyond helping you set up your light schedule. Some special features you can shop by include:

  • Photocell-allows for more automation of other components of the grow room that work on the same schedule as grow lights. For example, a timer with photocell will shut off exhaust fans and CO2 generators during the lights off period, and reactivate all necessary equipment when the lights come back on.
  • Built in timer- This feature allows you to set the lighting periods without the use of an additional timer, cutting down on equipment in the grow room.
  • High temp shut-off-Turns off grow lights if temperature exceeds a safe range.
  • Hot start time delay-Protects lights during a power failure
  • High amperage control-Controllers with high amperage control are designed to withstand regular use with high amps.
  • Trigger cord-This feature allows growers to select their own timer to use with the controller
  • Circuit breaker-These controllers contain their own circuit breaker, preventing issues from arising within the circuit breaker in your home!
  • Universal X outlets (120/240)-These controllers are compatible with 120V and 240V supplies!

It is also important to consider how many outlets you will need, along with the supply voltage of the electrical system in the grow room.

Looking for more advice on grow lights? Visit our learning center. Want to speak to a professional grower for further advice? Give us a call today at 866 GRO INDR


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