Grow Light Flip Boxes

Grow Light Flip Boxes

Grow Light Flip Boxes

What is a grow light flip box?

A grow light flip box allows growers to operate two different sets of grow lights with one set of ballasts. For example, a flip box will operate 8 grow lights with only 4 ballasts.

Why should I use a flip box?

A flip box for grow lights has a number of benefits, especially in commercial applications, such as:

  • Double production
  • Save money on ballasts
  • Maximize available power

In large commercial greenhouses, grow light flip boxes will be a necessity.

Choosing the best grow light flip box

The best flip boxes act as HID lighting controllers as well, doing two jobs at once. Other important considerations when deciding on a flip box are the number of outlets necessary, as this ranges from 1-20.

Also consider if you want your flip box to operate on its own circuit breaker, or if you don't mind using the breaker in your house. We also carry flip boxes that feature trigger cords, allowing you to use your own timer with the flip box.

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