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Power cords are required equipment for grow lightsreflectors, and ballasts. In the event that you need to switch between standard plug types and Hydrofarm branded equipment, you will need an adapter. If you are looking to extend your cord or a total power solution for your grow room, at, we have everything you need.

What’s the difference between, Grow light reflector cords & Grow light ballast cords

Ballast and reflector cords are the two most important types of cords you will need for your grow light system. Grow light ballast power cords can be plugged into your grow room’s walls and can generate 120 volts (which are ideal for hobby growers) and go up to 240/277 volts (which are suitable for commercial growers). Lamp power cords connects an external ballast to the reflector, allowing you to place your reflector and ballast at an bigger distance.

Other cords and receptacles that you can find on Groindoor include:

While it doesn’t seem like it but having the right cord to power your grow room is essential. These can offer numerous benefits, from the proper functioning of the grow room equipment to saving on electricity bills. If you are looking to learn more, head over to our learning center or speak to one of our expert growers at 866 GRO INDR


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