Fluorescent T5 Grow Light Ballasts


Fluorescent T5 Grow Light Ballasts

Is there a need for ballast for T5 lights?  

Yes, for sure! All fluorescent T5 grow lights require a ballast, and they usually come with one. The purpose of the ballast is current regulation through the lamp to make sure it operates safely. If a ballast doesn’t do this, there is a risk of the grow light popping immediately or burning out prematurely and not completing its standard life span.  

Shop fluorescent T5 ballasts at 

You can buy replacement fluorescent T5 ballasts to get your grow lights running again. The majority of these ballasts are for the average home grower, so they are available in the 120V supply voltage. Nevertheless, we also offer ballasts for commercial growing with higher voltages. So, if you are having difficulty deciding which ballast is best for you, reach out to our experienced grower for advice. Call now at 866 GRO INDR today!   




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