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What is a CMH grow light ballast?

A Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Light Ballast regulates the current and is responsible for starting your CMH grow light. If the current is not regulated, there is a risk of your CMH bulb burning too bright and blowing out and without a ballast it won’t start up at all. A CMH grow light ballast will safeguard your bulb and help it last up to its 24,000-hour life span. The ballast also helps maintain the bulb's brightness even when it inevitably starts losing its intensity.

How do I choose the right CMH ballast?

Among the different options available, digital CMH ballasts are absolutely the top choice. They run atleast a 30% higher efficiency as compared to magnetic ballasts. These ballasts also occupy lesser space and produce reduced heat. The digital ballasts also come with a dimmable function that allows you to exercise more control over your grow room's light intensity. This way, you can regulate wattage and use your grow lights with higher efficiency.

Shop the perfect CMH ballast at

At, you can get all sorts of CMH ballasts, including a standard 120 supply volt or the 240-volt options that are more suitable for commercial grows. Here's an expert tip for you. When you select your CMH ballast, make sure the wattage of your CMH grow light matches the wattage of your CMH ballast. It is possible to use a SE CMH bulb with a double-ended CMH ballast, but the opposite doesn't work. For a double-ended CMH grow light, you need to have a CMH ballast that is optimized for double-ended bulbs but on the flip side a single ended CMH bulb work fine with a DE CMH ballast. Check out our learning center to read more about grow lights. You can also reach out to our experienced growers for the best advice at 866 GRO INDR.


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