Gavita Pro Classic 1000W DE Fixture, 277-347 Volt - Pack of 70

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  • Bulb Type
    Double Ended High Pressure Sodium
  • Coverage Area
    Flower: 4' x 6'
  • Exact Watts
    1000 Watts
  • Voltage
    277/347 Volt
  • Est. Electricity Cost /mo

Gavita Classic DE Grow Lights

Note: These fixtures are BULK and can only be order in increments of 70

The Gavita Pro Classic is the fixture of choice for commercial installations. The small footprint also makes it the best fit for greenhouse use. The fixture comprises of a ballast, reflector, and lamp in one complete package. Made according to horticultual standards, the housing of the ballast is sealed and containes a Gore-Tex pluxs to ventilate the housing while keeping dust and humidity out.

The high frequency ballast was specifically designed for the Gavita double ended HPS lamp, resulting in an accurate, optimal output, a stable burning lamp and a better light maintenance over time. The ballast is not suitable to run Metal Halide lamps.

These fixtures are available in 2 voltage options:

  • 277/347 Volt
  • 347 Volt
Gavita Pro Classic

Features & Benefits

  • FCC compliant
  • Soft dim
  • Controllable output
  • *Miro aluminum reflector
  • Soft start
  • Double ended lamp
  • Complete fixture
  • Balanced fixture
  • High frequency electronic ballast
  • Horticultural design
  • Horticultural design
  • Gore-tex ventilation plug


The compact complete fixture contains a lamp, HR96 reflector and horticultual quality ballast in one comprehensive package. The higher output and added efficiency of the industry standard HR96 reflector make this the workhorse of the family.

The reflector is replaceable (Gavita recommends to do this every 1-2 years) and there is a choice of replacement reflectors

  • The HR96 DE Reflector for overlapping configurations, assuring optimal uniformity and penetration. This is the industry standard reflector delivered with the fixture.

    The HR96 reflector is made of a very high grade Miro aluminum with 95% efficiency, which provides optimal reflectance of light to your crop. The shape of this reflector may look as a deep reflector, but it actually gives you a medium wide beam angle of about 135 degrees. Reflector dimensions: 20.1" (length) x 9.6" (width) x 7.6" (height)

  • HR96 DE Reflector
  • The W 150 DE Reflector for wide configurations, where uniformity and lower light levels are required in large rooms. 150 degrees beam angle, for double ended lamps.

    This reflector is for Gavita Pro line and Hortistar and is easy to install. Designed for uniformity. Made from MIRO® aluminum. Reflector dimensions: 11.8" (length) x 10" (width) x 4" (height)

  • W 150 DE Reflector
  • The M 110 DE SR Reflector for applications in single rows and small rooms, where a single reflector needs to create uniformity and high light levels. 110 degrees beam angle, for double ended lamps.

    The medium spread of this reflector with 110° beam angle is great for tents and small rooms. This is Gavita's most suitable reflector for single light set ups. The 110° is designed for uniformity and deep crop penetration in 1-2 fixture configurations. Reflector dimensions: 10.7" (length) x 9.5" (width) x 4.5" (height)

  • M 110 DE SR Reflector

The spread of the Pro 1000 equipped with the HR96 DE reflector is about 4x6 ft. (110x180 cm) at 3.5 ft. distance in overlapping plans, providing light levels of up to 1000 µmol/s/m2 per second per meter squared.

The fixtures light source is a Gavita Pro Plus 1000 Watt double ended HPS lamp, generating 2100 µmol/s of light. With a light maintenance of over 96% per 5,000 hours you only need to replace it once a year.

Note: Miniumum recommended hanging distance is 1 meter

Included Lamp

The fixtures light source is a Gavita Pro Plus 1000W DE HPS Lamp.

This beast generates 2,100 µmol/s of light and with a light maintenance of over 96% per 5000 hours you only need to replace it once a year.

Gavita Pro Plus 1000W EL Double-Ended 400 V lamp is one of the best 1000 watt HPS lamps on the market. Specifically designed for high frequency electronic ballasts, it has a connection at each side of the lamp, removing the need for a frame wire inside the lamp. For use with Gavita fixtures only.

The jacket of this double-ended lamp is made from quartz glass. Do not handle with bare hands. Oil from your hands can damage the lamp.

Warranty applies only if these lamps are operated with a Gavita Pro series ballast.

Gavita Pro Plus Bulb


Fixture277/347 Volt
Input Voltage277 VAC347 VAC
Frequency50-60 Hz
Input current at 100%3.85 Amps8.06 Amps
Input power at 100%1045 Watt1040 Watt
Power factor0.98
Product weight8.6 lbs (3.8 kg)7.9 lbs (3.6 kg)
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Additional Information

Weight (lb.):
Prop 65:
Length (in.):
Width (in.):
Height (in.):
Shipping Restrictions:
Lighting Type:
HPS/MH - Double Ended
Coverage Area:
Flower: 4' x 6'
Exact Watts:
1000 Watts
Glass Included:
Bulb(s) Included?:
Bulb Type:
Double Ended High Pressure Sodium
Est. Electricity Cost /mo:
50-60 Hz
Power Cord(s) Included:
3 Foot Whip (Plug NOT Included)
Power Cord Length:
6ft hardwire cord
277/347 Volt
UL Listed:
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