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When growing plants, you need to keep the temperature and humidity in check. For this, your equipment should be the best so that you can ensure a robust yield. The good news is that at, you can get great options at minimal prices.

Why is a thermometer necessary for a grow room?

The ideal temperature range for plants is 70 to 80oF. If the temperature goes above or below this range, it can be harmful to your plants.

If the temperature is too low, your plants will interpret it as a change in season which can significantly reduce or stop their growth. Ultimately, the plants may even die. On the other hand, if the temperature is too high, plant growth slows down. The growth of pests, powdery mildew, and mold also increases bringing forth numerous new problems.

Of course, to maintain optimal temperatures, growers need thermometers that can give accurate readings. Once you know your grow room's exact temperature, you can use heaters or air conditioners to maintain the temperature.

You can get the best range of thermometers at We also sell hybrid types, which come with integrated hygrometers, such as Active Air Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer w/Hygrometer.

If you are growing in a hydroponic system, you can get specialized thermometers designed for hydroponic reservoirs as well. Using such a thermometer, you can determine where you need a hydroponic water heater or chiller for your system.

What is a hygrometer? How does it work?

A hygrometer is an instrument that you can use to measure your grow room's humidity. Measuring humidity is crucial because the amount of moisture in the environment impacts the growth of the plants. If you would like your plants to be healthy, you must ensure that, along with optimal temperature, they are also exposed to an ideal range of humidity.

The importance of measuring humidity in your grow room

The humidity of a grow area needs to be in optimal range, otherwise, it could harm your plants. Both extremes are unsuitable. When the humidity is too high, it increases the vulnerability of your plants to pests, mold, and mildew. Their growth may also be affected. In this case, you need to use a dehumidifier.

On the other hand, if your grow area's humidity is too low, your plants will not receive the moisture they need and will end up drying out. When they cannot absorb water from the foliage, your plants will try to cover up the moisture requirements by absorbing more moisture from their root system. This can result in nutrient burns. To deal with this situation, you need to use a humidifier.

Dissolved oxygen meters and refractometers for your grow room

At, you can also buy dissolved oxygen meters and refractometers. A dissolved oxygen meter is used to measure the amount of dissolved oxygen available to your plants. This is an essential thing to measure because it is crucial for the aeration and nutrient absorption of your plant.

Need help with selecting the right thermometer or hygrometer? Discuss your needs with the growing experts at today. Call us at 866-GRO-INDR!

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