Bluelab Probe Care Kit pH & Conductivity

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  • Bluelab Probe Care Kit pH & Conductivity
  • Bluelab Probe Care Kit pH & Conductivity - Garden care
  • Bluelab Probe Care Kit pH & Conductivity - HGC716448
  • Bluelab Probe Care Kit pH & Conductivity- | Hydroponics | Indoor Grow Supply Superstore
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Keep Your Meters Accurate & Prolong Their Life With The Bluelab Probe Care Kit (pH & Conductivity)

Your Bluelab meters and testing equipment will have a long, reliable life, provided you regularly maintain them. The Bluelab Probe Care Kit (pH & Conductivity) provides everything you need to clean, hydrate, and calibrate pH probes, as well as clean and test your conductivity probes.

Your tools are only as accurate as you allow them to be, and if you don't routinely clean and calibrate them, you can't expect top-notch performance. If you aren't getting accurate readings, there is no telling what you are truly feeding your plants. For the minimal amount of effort it takes, there is no reason not to regularly maintain your pens and probes.

How often should I maintain my device with the Bluelab Probe Care Kit (pH & Conductivity)?

The frequency of which you clean and calibrate your device depends on how often you use it. Serious growers that are testing many reservoirs daily calibrate before every use. Commercial growers do this too, because when an entire crop is on the line, you need pin-point accuracy.

If you are a hobby grower with just a few plants, you can get away with doing this once a month, but sooner is better.

Note: If the conductivity reads low, the probe needs cleaning. pH probes specifically, should be kept wet at all times for optimal performance and life.

Bluelab Probe Care Kit (pH & Conductivity) Contents:

  • Probe care instructions
  • 20ml single-use Bluelab Solution Sachets, 2 each of: pH 7.0 & pH 4.0, KCl, 2.77 EC.
  • 3x plastic cups
  • Bluelab pH Probe Cleaner
  • Bluelab Conductivity Probe Cleaner
  • Bluelab Toothbrush (pH probe cleaning instrument)
  • Bluelab Chamois (conductivity probe cleaning instrument)
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