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  • Xacto Cup Individual

    Xacto Cup Individual

    The Xacto Cup Measuring Glass is a pint size measuring glass featuring Milliliters, Teaspoons, and Ounces. Milliliters, 25 ml. increments from 25-400ml. Teaspoons 6 tsp. increments from 6-60 tsp. Ounces 1 oz. increments from 1-14 oz

    $30.78 $18.53
  • Xacto Shot Glass Individual

    Xacto Shot Glass Individual

    The Xacto Shot is a 1 oz. shot glass featuring Ounces, Mililiters, Teaspoons, and Tablespoons. Ounces 1/4 oz. increments from 1/4 - 1 oz Milliliters, 5 ml. increments from 5-30ml. Teaspoons 1 tsp. increments from 1-6 tsp. Tablespoons...

    $28.50 $16.52
  • P3 International Save A Drop Water Meter

    P3 International Save A Drop Water Meter

    P3 International Product DocumentsProduct Spec SheetIt is widely accepted that talking to your plants is great for their health. If they could speak to you, what would they say? Probably that they're being over-watered. Meet your garden's wants and needs...

    $44.95 $18.57

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