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Co2 Burners, grow lights, and all the other growing apparatus used, are capable of generating a significant amount of heat in your grow tent / grow room. An ideal grow room environment requires fresh, clean air with proper ventilation to prevent any hot or stagnant air from residing in the grow space. This is exactly why grow room ventilation is essential.

Do I Need an Intake Fan & Filter In My Grow Room?

YES !! It is crucial for you to have intake filters and fans in your grow room for adequate ventilation, as these components help maintain the temperature of the grow room and sustain the environment. They also help in removing the pungent, smell, and hot air. Using a filter with your inline fan is critical as you want to filter out all the impurities like dust and bacteria from the air coming into your grow room.

HEPA filters are perhaps the best choice for intake filters for your grow rooms because they are highly efficient in filtering out virtually every contaminant passing through them.

Why Should I Use A HEPA Fan And Filter Kit In My Grow Room?

It can be quite confusing to put together various ventilation components. Rather than purchasing all these components separately, why not buy a full kit to save your precious time? With this one-step process, helps all its clients save time and money on ventilation systems.

Here are the key components of our filter and fan systems:

If you pair any of the fan intake and HEPA filters with carbon filter and fan exhaust kits, you can have a perfectly functioning ventilation system at your disposal. Now you can easily get rid of the contaminated, stinky, hot air from your grow room and replace it with high-quality clean air.

How Frequently Do I Need To Replace The Air In My Grow Tent / Room?

One of the main reasons your grow room needs a ventilation system is to have fresh air in your grow space. Just to be safe, make a habit of replacing the air in the room at least every 3 minutes. If you’re confused about what size fits best for your grow room, measure the space in cubic feet. For instance, if your room is 500 cubic feet, the best fan size for your room should be the one rated 500 CFM.

Check out our Learning Center for a host of information on managing the environment in your grow tent or grow room. We also have a complete guide on Grow Tent / Grow room Ventilation.

If you have additional questions about sizing or need commercial pricing, you can give our expert growers a call at 866-GRO-INDR


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