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Ventilation systems play a crucial role for all grow tents, grow rooms and greenhouses. They regulate the air, moisture, and CO2 inside the space and provide a healthy environment for the plants. They are equipped with fans and carbon filter and to connect them with other components, you need proper ducting.

Ducting, Connectors and Other Parts of a Ventilation System

Ducting connects to the carbon filters, intake fans, and exhaust fans to ensure air comes in and goes out of the grow space properly. For large grow spaces, you need connectors to set up your ventilation system.

If your system is making too much noise, you need to get reducers and mufflers. These devices reduce noise as well as ensure air does not escape. If you want seal off leaks, prevent CO2 from escaping, and ensure odors do not flow back in, you should consider backdraft dampers. For components of your ventilation system that end at a wall, you need wall vents to ensure air is properly expelled and brought in.

Clamps and tapes help you secure your system by tightening it up. At, you can also find ventilation mounting brackets and hardware to set up your ventilation system properly.

Check out our Learning Center for a host of information on managing the environment in your grow tent or grow room.

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