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Not everyone has access to a large grow space, and the only option left is to grow indoors. And if it's winter, then there's no other option. Growers then have to resort to their garage, attic, or greenhouse. Even in these spaces, temperatures can drop below optimal levels, which adversely affect plant growth. The ideal ambient temperature for plants is 70 – 80° F. If you are growing in a greenhouse, then you need a greenhouse heater.

How can I keep a greenhouse warm?

Suboptimal temperatures cause the growth of your plants to stall. If the temperature isn't adjusted, their growth stops, and they can perish.

In order to ensure an optimal temperature and healthy plant growth, you will need to install a heat source. If you're growing out of a small bedroom, an air conditioner with a heat pump is ideal. This will allow you to keep your room cooler during summers and warmer in the winters. An air conditioner with a heat pump is more budget-friendly as well.

If you are using a greenhouse (or any other large space) as a grow room, then it's best to install a greenhouse heater. Greenhouse heaters can easily and efficiently increase the temperature of large grow spaces.

There are two things to consider when you determine the ideal greenhouse heater for your grow space – these are size power. If your grow space is overheated, your plants will die of dehydration. If your grow space is too cold, your plants won't grow and will perish.

What is the ideal size of a heater?

This depends on the size of your grow space. It is best to measure the dimensions of your grow space in cubic feet and then look for a heater that has the capacity to handle that space. Heaters come with specifications regarding how much space they can heat up.

Do I need a heater with a thermostat?

Usually, electric heaters have a built-in thermostat for maintaining the temperature. Commercial heaters are equipped with an external thermostat. If you have a small grow operation, a wall thermometer is sufficient for monitoring the temperature of your grow room.

The best way to monitor the temperature of your grow room is to use a temperature controller. The controller can be connected to your equipment. It monitors the temperature and switches your equipment on and off accordingly.

How to incrementally increase the temperature in your grow space?

If you don't need to raise the temperature of your grow space significantly, you might not need a heater per se. You can install an MH or HPS grow light with higher wattage to achieve that incremental increase.

If a high wattage grow light isn't enough, you can use a space heater. Space heaters are compact heaters that can be accommodated in a grow tent and produce enough heat to achieve that incremental increase in room temperature.

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