Shutter Exhaust Fans

Shutter Exhaust Fans

Shutter Exhaust Fans

Shutter exhaust fans are special fans that remove excess odor, heat, and humidity from grow rooms, warehouses, commercial grow facilities, greenhouses, and other places that need massive air movement.  

Most of the growing equipment emits heat, and too much of it in a growing space can be harmful to your plants. Growing equipment like grow lights and CO2 devices are necessary for plant growth, but they can pump up the temperature above the ideal range. You also need to circulate air in your grow space because it helps with pest control and strengthening stems.  

For this reason, you need shutter exhaust fans that have built-in adjustable shutters that can direct the air in specific directions as needed. Since these heavy-duty shutters are mounted on the walls, they are placed high enough to be where the heat builds up. It allows them to remove heat quickly and efficiently.  

To automate temperature control, you can use a fan speed controller along with your shutter exhaust fan. This will make your fans work harder when the grow room temperature becomes too high. When the lights are turned off, and there is no need to disperse heat, the controller will automatically turn the fan off.  

You can also check out clip-on fansoscillating fans, and wall-mount fans.

If you are confused about which fan to buy, you can reach out to the experts at for guidance. Call us at 866-GRO-INDR or visit our learning center to learn how to optimize the grow room environment.  

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  • 40"" Greenhouse Fan Belt Driven W/ Shutter 40"" Greenhouse Fan Belt Driven W/ Shutter - Garden care

    40"" Greenhouse Fan Belt Driven W/ Shutter

    MSRP: $690.00
    40" GROW1 Greenhouse Exhaust Fans 19,117CFM, Belt Driven, Pre Wired with shutter Features: Fan Type: Shutter fan Fan Size: 40" DiameterVoltage: 120VCurrent: 9 AMPAirflow: 19,117CFM  
    MSRP: $690.00
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    MSRP: $690.00
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