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Summers can be strenuous for plants because of the rise in temperatures. When coupled with the heat produced by grow lights, things can become a little more dangerous. You need to install air conditioners to keep temperature within the ideal range.

How to cool your grow room during summers?

While fans and blowers can help bring temperature down, they are not the most effective at this job. When things get out of hand, you need grow room air conditioners. Mini-split air conditioners are very popular, and commercial AC systems are a great option for commercial setups but if the size of your grow operation is not very big, portable ACs are your best bet.

Portable grow room air conditioners

These systems are ideal for small grow tents. Portable ACs do not need any duct work and can be fit into small and compact spaces with ease. They function by pulling in hot air from the environment, cooling it and throwing it back out.

They are plug and play and generally feature one zone or two zones. You can find them in standard 120 volts up to 480 volts power sizes.

Sizing your portable AC is not much different either. You should take into account the size of your grow space and the BTUs your equipment produces. Once you have established this, simply get a unit that can remove more BTUs than you are producing. You can find units ranging from 12,000 BTUs up to 60,000 BTUs at

Check out our Learning Center for a host of information on managing the environment in your grow tent or grow room. We also have a complete guide on How to use size grow room air conditioning.

If you have additional questions about sizing or need commercial pricing, you can give our expert growers a call at 866-GRO-INDR

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