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Like temperature, humidity also plays a vital role in keeping your plants healthy inside a grow room. If you want your plants to grow fast and healthy then you must maintain an ideal humidity level at all times.

How to Control Humidity in your Grow Room?

Did you know that higher humidity levels can increase your plants' chances of contracting diseases? Diseases like bud rot and molds halt the plants' growth and damage them significantly. On the contrary, low humidity levels leave plants dehydrated by minimizing moisture for foliage and leaves. In order to counteract the lack of water, the roots will absorb most of the moisture for themselves, eventually leading to nutrient burn.

Ideal humidity level varies according to the stage of the plant's life cycle. Experts believe that vegging and flowering stages require the humidity level to stay between 40-50%, while clones and seedlings need humidity levels to stay between 70 to 75%. If you're an indoor grower, then you can use humidifiers and dehumidifiers to add or remove moisture from your growing space. But the real question is, how can you control your humidity devices perfectly? It's simple! You use a humidity controller!

Humidity controller

Humidity controllers work tremendously well with humidifiers and dehumidifiers. You can't keep monitoring the humidity level all the time; especially, if you're a commercial grower. With humidity controllers, growers can free up their time extensively and reduce the chances of human error.

Similar to temperature controllers, humidity controllers also consist of photocells. You can sync up your humidity devices with grow lights with a humidity controller in your arsenal. So, are you ready to add automation to your growth? Then check out our Complete Guide to Grow Room Automation in our Learning Center. Feel free to explore our wide array of products at and remember, why work hard if you can work smart?

  • Anden Digital Humidistat for Steam Humidifier

    Anden Digital Humidistat for Steam Humidifier

    Wall Mounted Digital Humidistat for Steam HumidifierThe Anden Model 5558 Humidistat makes it easy to check relative humidity levels in each grow area. This precision digital humidistat is designed specifically for the Anden steam humidifier. Selectable...

    $552.99 $410.86
  • Anden Temperature/RH Sensor Module

    Anden Temperature/RH Sensor Module

    Temperature/RH Sensor Module - Supports 1 temp. & 1 RH readingThe Anden model 8082 Temperature/Relative Humidity Module is used to report temperature and relative humidity values back to the dehumidifier’s precision digital control module. It is...

    $194.29 $156.40
  • Autopilot Dehumidifying Humidistat Autopilot Dehumidifying Humidistat

    Autopilot Dehumidifying Humidistat

    The Autopilot Dehumidifying Humidistat is a compact and easy-to-use controller for dehumidifiers and exhaust fans. Simply plug it into a power receptacle and then plug your dehumidifying device into its outlet, then choose your preferred relative...

    $51.15 $37.78

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