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When it comes to growing indoors, your equipment is crucial for maintaining an ideal environment for your plants. Apart from grow lights, you need a suitable environment controller for your grow room or grow tent. This ensures that the environment is perfectly supportive to produce high quality and better yields. Without grow room controllers, you may find it too hard or too time-consuming to maintain the perfect grow environment. Let’s discuss grow room controllers in a bit more detail now.

What is a grow room controller?

A grow room controller is a piece of equipment for indoor growers. It allows them to automate their grow, making the growing process easy and convenient. Growers have the option of using a combination of controllers or one multi-function controller. When you use a grow room controller, you save a lot of time. Not to mention, the automation it provides helps reduce or eliminate human errors, which are the main reason behind most problems in indoor growing.

What purpose does a grow room controller serve?

An environment or grow room controller functions to monitor various aspects of the grow room that are significant for maintaining plant health. These factors include temperature, humidity, moisture, CO2, grow lights, and fan speed. The best thing about this device is that it lets you monitor and ensure optimal growing conditions without having to do things manually. All you need to do is set the controllers and timers to the required hours and ranges, and the controllers will take care of the rest. You get the best conditions for growing without being bound to watch your garden in person!

Types of grow room controllers

Experts at recommend that you use a multi-function grow room controller because it does all from monitoring temperature, humidity, CO2, and even grow lights! You can also purchase single-function grow room controllers at, which allow you to automate one component only. Here are some types of single-function grow room controllers that you may need:

  • Temperature controllers – these controllers use air conditioners, heaters, or fans to monitor the temperature in your grow room.
  • Fan speed controllers – these controllers let you set specific fan speeds for each time of the day. The fact is, you may not need your fans to operate at the same speed day and night. So, you need this controller to set the speed accordingly.
  • Humidity controllers – these controllers operate by putting humidifiers and dehumidifiers on or off to maintain optimal humidity levels.

Several of these controllers come with a photocell feature, which lets you set specific schedules in compliance with your grow lights. For instance, if you turn off your grow lights, the fans and CO2 devices will automatically turn off.

If you would like to learn more about environmental controllers, read our Complete guide on grow room automation. You can also reach out to the industry experts at at 866-GRO-INDR for advice and questions, or visit our learning center for all sorts of useful information on creating the best environment for your plants.

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