HEPA Intake Filters

HEPA Intake Filters

HEPA Intake Filters

When you are growing at a large scale, there are many tools that you may be using for monitoring and maintaining the different environmental factors in your grow room. These tools can produce a significant amount of unwanted heat that can be detrimental to your plant’s growth. Also, it could lead to problems like the development of powdery mildew and mold.  

For this reason, you need something to expel the hot, stagnant air from your grow room and substitute it with clean, fresh air. You can do this by setting up a ventilation system that includes intake fans and filters 

How can Intake Fans and Filters be useful in the Grow Room?

Fans and filters are the basic foundation of your grow room’s ventilation system. When they ensure the presence of fresh air in your grow room, your plants are sure to receive enough quantities of oxygen and carbon dioxide that they need. Also, ventilation prevents the buildup of excessive heat in your grow room, which is necessary to maintain the optimal temperature required for healthy plant growth.  

How Frequently Do You Need to Replace the Air in Your Grow Room? 

One of the main reasons your grow room needs a ventilation system is to have fresh air in your grow space. Just to be safe, make a habit of replacing the air in the room at least every 3 minutes. If you’re confused about what size best fits your grow room, measure the space in cubic feet. You can then calculate the fan power accordingly. For instance, if your room is 500 cubic feet, the best fan size for your room should be the one rated 500 CFM. 

Why do You Need HEPA Fan and Filters in Your Grow Room? 

HEPA filters are perhaps the best choice for intake filters for your grow rooms because they are highly efficient in filtering out contaminants. Suppose you don’t have a good filter for your ventilation system. In that case, your plants will be affected by dust, bacteria, and other harmful infestations. 

Buy the Best Fans and Filters at  

It can be quite confusing to put together various ventilation components. Rather than purchasing all these components separately, why not buy a full kit to save your precious time? With this one-step process, helps all its clients save time and money on ventilation systems. 

Here are the key components of our filter and fan systems: 

If you pair any of the fan intake and HEPA filters with carbon filter and fan exhaust kits, you can have a perfectly functioning ventilation system at your disposal. Now you can easily get rid of the contaminated, stinky, hot air from your grow room and replace it with high-quality clean air!

Get in touch with our experts at 866-GRO-INDR today! You can also read helpful articles on related topic at our online learning center 



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