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Maintaining the temperature inside a grow tent, grow room or greenhouse is one of the most important jobs of a grower. Ideal temperature for plant growth is 70-80oF and maintaining this can be a tough ask for many. There are many ways to control temperature such as using fans and blowers, portable ACs, and mini-split a/c systems but for a large setup or greenhouse you need a commercial grade AC.

What are commercial grade AC units?

Being the largest available AC units, commercial grade ACs are great for large commercial greenhouses. Commercial setups employ multiple grow lights, especially Metal Halide (MH) and High pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights which produce a lot of heat, which makes it necessary to have large air conditioning units to manage this heat.

These units range between 48000-60000 BTUs and are installed by HVAC professionals with experience and expertise.

Check out our Learning Center for a host of information on managing the environment in your grow tent or grow room. We also have a complete guide on How to use size grow room air conditioning.

If you have additional questions about sizing or need commercial pricing, you can give our expert growers a call at 866-GRO-INDR

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