Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioners


Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioners

Growers find it difficult to control the temperature inside their grow rooms. Rising temperatures can be controlled using fans and blowers, but it isn’t the most effective when temperature levels exceed too much. This is where you need grow room air conditioners. 

Why use air conditioners? 

Ideal temperature levels for healthy plant growth range between 70-80oF. It should be on the higher end for seedling and clones and the lower end during flowering and harvest. Some common problems that high temperatures can cause include PM, spider mites, root rot, and slowed growth.  

Growers use ceiling mounted air conditioners to save floor space while keeping temperature in check. Portable air conditioners are a good choice for smaller setups while mini-split ACs tend to be the most popular. For commercial growing, commercial ACs work best. 

Don’t know how to size your AC? Our experts can help. Just give us a call at 866-GRO-INDR! 


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