Installing Water Chiller in Your Hydroponic System

Installing Water Chiller in Your Hydroponic System

One of the best ways to achieve optimal plant production, growth, and health is by using hydroponics. It is one of the most productive ways to grow your plants. These systems are highly effective and efficient as they use a controlled amount of nutrients and water for plant growth. As a result, it delivers a larger and more efficient yield and root structures. The Active Aqua 1/10 HP with Power Boost Hydroponic Water Chiller can chill large water quantities between 160 and 400 GPH (gallons per hour). Here are the steps you can follow for installing the chiller.
• Start by turning off your air pumps and water pumps. Then go to your return manifold and close the valve to prevent the flow of water.
• Disconnect the water return line from the top of your water pump.
• You can move in your chiller and attach the end of the hose to the top of your water pump.
• Now you can attach the return line to the side of the epicenter.
• Now go to the manifold and open the valves, allowing water to flow freely to your water pump.
• Plug the water pump, the air pump, and the chiller.
• Now turn on the water chiller and set it to your desired temperature. Remember, never run your chiller without water in it.

What are Hydroponic systems?

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May 11th 2021

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