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Black Dog Led

  • 13" Pot Elevators

    13" Pot Elevators

    These pot elevators provide maximum aeration for the root zone of your plants, allowing air circulation under the pots. Leaving plants to sit in water for prolonged periods of time can be detrimental...

  • 24" Plastic Spoon

    24" Plastic Spoon

    Working on your garden involves having to mix up nutrients. An important part of the process is making sure you have properly mixed nutrients to avoid an unwanted chemical reaction and to ensure the...

  • Aluminum Ducting Tape

    Aluminum Ducting Tape

    Metal ducting tape is the best solution when connecting ducting and other air-moving equipment. This moisture-resistant tape is designed to seal ducting and keep it sealed throughout heating and...

  • BudBox Grow Tents BudBox Grow Tents - Uncategorized Products

    BudBox Grow Tents

    Maintaining a proper growing environment is crucial for a successful, high-yielding grow. Indoor growing tents provide a convenient way to isolate your growing area so you can maintain proper...

  • Can-Fan S series 400 Can-Fan S series 400 - Uncategorized Products

    Can-Fan S series 400

    Can-Fans are the highest quality in-line fans available. These fans utilize a reverse curve blade design and an extremely reliable motor to easily move air, powerfully and efficiently. The Can-Fan...

  • Can-Lite Carbon Filter - 4" and 6" Can-Lite Carbon Filter - 4" and 6" - Uncategorized Products

    Can-Lite Carbon Filter - 4" and 6"

    Can-Lite Air Filters set the standard for long life, consistent performance, and low CFM loss. You can trust a Can-Lite carbon filter when you air needs to be clean! We have both the 4" and 6" sizes...

  • CVault 4 liter (1/2 lb capacity) CVault 4 liter (1/2 lb capacity) - Uncategorized Products

    CVault 4 liter (1/2 lb capacity)

    Properly curing and storing your flowers is as important as ideal growing conditions to produce top-quality results. Neglecting these final steps can tarnish the final results of an otherwise stellar...

  • Digital Hygro-Thermometer - Large Digital Hygro-Thermometer - Large - Uncategorized Products

    Digital Hygro-Thermometer - Large

    The large Digital Hygro-Thermometer displays current relative humidity levels and temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius and records high and low points for both variables. This unit is wall-mountable...

  • Dust Shroom Dust Shroom - Uncategorized Products

    Dust Shroom

    Keeping fresh air flowing into your garden without bringing in harmful bugs, mold, bacteria, and more, can be a tall order. The Horti-Control foam HEPA filter Dust Shroom helps you do this all while...

  • Extension Cords Extension Cords - Uncategorized Products

    Extension Cords

    The extension cords offered by Black Dog LED are all UL and cUL listed and are a thick enough gauge to power even our largest light. The 8-foot polarized option is a 2-prong model and is meant for...

  • Flexible Ducting - 4" and 6"

    Flexible Ducting - 4" and 6"

    Flexible, semi-rigid ducting attaches to fans or other ventilation equipment such as activated carbon filters or can simply be used to exchange air in indoor gardens. Our flexible ventilation hose...

  • Flood Trays Flood Trays - Uncategorized Products

    Flood Trays

    In creating our Black Dog LED Grow Light Kits we needed specific flood trays to support each tent. We have taken the guesswork out of the process for you by selecting the top quality flood try that...

  • Grow Shepherd Slide-SCROG Grow Shepherd Slide-SCROG - Uncategorized Products

    Grow Shepherd Slide-SCROG

    Slide-SCROG kits are a unique, custom-built solution for our grow kits that provide adjustable support for your plants. “SCROG” ("Screen Of Green") is a common term used in the cultivating industry...

  • Grower's Edge Hang Time - Drying Rack 24" and 32" Grower's Edge Hang Time - Drying Rack 24" and 32" - Uncategorized Products

    Grower's Edge Hang Time - Drying Rack 24" and 32"

    Drying and curing is one of the most important phases of the indoor cultivating cycle. Ensuring your flowers are of the highest quality and potency requires properly drying your plants before curing...